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Adam Lewis

Adam Lewis

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Lewis, who has been a graffiti artist since the age of 15, credits the skatepark on Quadra Island where he grew up, and a well-know graffiti artist who painted there, as his inspiration.

“I consider myself a semi-professional and I developed my entire skill set at the Quadra skatepark and this tiny wall (at the Nunns Creek skatepark) and I’ve broken down barriers,” Lewis said. “I’ve been able to go off and be commissioned to paint murals for people even though, at this time in Campbell River, it’s still considered a negative art form. I’m trying to make it possible for people. I think if there’s a greater acceptance of that in this town, it will give the youth a more positive outlet to express themselves.”

And while Lewis got his start in graffiti, he also does canvas paintings. Several of his pieces were on display at this year’s River City Arts Festival and he did a live installation with spray paint. His work earned him this year’s People’s Choice Award.

His work is becoming so popular that he receives requests from paying customers for his canvas paintings.

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